Branching Out Tree Service Inc

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Removal of unwanted, diseased or dead trees and replanting if desired or required by code

Hurricane Preparation:

Proper trimming of trees can avoid or minimize damage caused during a hurricane. Removal of weak or damaged branches and limbs will enable  your trees and property to better survive the storm

Code Trimming:

We will trim your trees and shrubs in compliance with all local codes and requirements. We have been in this area for over 25 years and are up to date on all local requirements

Insurance Work:

We work with your insurance agent and/or adjuster to ensure your loss is adjusted properly and that your trees and shrubs are restored in accordance with your wishes within the terms of your policy provisions

Canopy Thinning:

Shade is a blessing, especially in Florida, but too much shade can inhibit the growth of grass and/or some plants, shrubs and flowers. We can thin your canopy so that you maximize the benefits from shade and maximize growth of grass, plants and shrubs

Stump Grinding:

We grind the stumps left on your property from the removal of old trees and leave you with an area suitable for new grass growth or planting





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